Tyres are your first line of defense on the road, providing enhanced safety through improved grip and braking. With the right tyres, we’ll ensure your vehicle handles better and with shorter stopping distances in critical situations. Safety starts from the ground up. 


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New Tyres

Upgrade your journey with a new set of tyres, incorporating the latest technology for longevity and peak performance, ensuring every drive is a superior experience.

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Used Tyres

Providing high-quality used tyres at budget-friendly prices, offering a cost-effective solution to keep you safe and roadworthy without breaking the bank.

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Quality Brands We Work With

4 new tyres, they didn’t try and make me buy the more expensive ones as they asked questions as to how and where I drive. I wasn’t sure if I was going to need a wheel alignment or not but they were honest and said I wasn’t going to need one.


Complete TYRE Service, Our Process

Tyre Inspection and Consultation

  • Assess current tyre condition for wear and damage
  • Check tyre tread depth to ensure legal compliance and safety
  • Evaluate tyre pressure and adjust to manufacturer specifications
  • Discuss customer’s driving habits and requirements for tailored tyre recommendations

Tyre Selection and Installation

  • Offer a selection of tyres, including budget, new, car, and 4WD tyres
  • Provide professional advice on the best tyre options based on the customer’s needs
  • Remove old tyres and dispose of them responsibly
  • Install new or replacement tyres, including mounting and balancing for optimal performance

Post-Installation Checks and Services

  • Perform a wheel alignment to ensure tyres wear evenly and extend their life
  • Conduct a final inspection to ensure all components are secure and properly installed
  • Advise on tyre maintenance, including regular pressure checks and rotations
  • Schedule a follow-up to check tyre condition and performance after initial use

Tyres – FAQ

How do budget tyres compare in terms of durability and performance?

Budget tyres offer a cost-effective solution without significantly compromising on quality. They are designed to meet basic safety standards and provide adequate performance for everyday driving. However, they may wear faster than premium tyres and offer less grip in extreme conditions.

Tyre replacement is crucial for maintaining vehicle safety and should be considered when tyres show signs of wear beyond the legal tread depth limit, visible damage, or at least every six years, regardless of appearance, to ensure optimal safety and performance.

Seasonal tyre services are highly recommended to adapt to changing road conditions. Winter tyres offer enhanced grip in cold, icy conditions, while summer tyres provide optimal performance in warm, dry weather. Switching tyres according to the season ensures safer driving and better tyre longevity.

Choosing the right new tyres involves considering your driving habits, vehicle type, and the typical road conditions you encounter. Look for tyres that offer the best balance of longevity, performance, and fuel efficiency. Consultation with a tyre expert can also provide personalized recommendations.

Maximising the lifespan of car tyres involves regular maintenance, including keeping them inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, rotating them every 5,000 to 8,000 miles to ensure even wear, and avoiding harsh driving habits that can accelerate tyre wear.

Yes, there are 4WD tyres designed with versatility in mind, offering excellent off-road capabilities without compromising on comfort and performance on highways. These tyres are constructed to handle various terrains while still providing a smooth and efficient driving experience on regular roads.

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Stay safe on the road, update your tyres with us