Bring back smooth driving with a working clutch. Adjustment, repair or replacement, we’ll ensure your vehicle avoids costly breakdowns or failure. Have your own new clutch already, bring it in and we’ll fit it.


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Return your vehicle back to the way it used to drive, with a clutch adjustment, avoiding the need for a full replacement and saving you time and money.

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Get the clutch, the performance and drive that comes with it by replacing your old one. Supply your own or we'll order one in, completely done for you.

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Replaced clutch on 2014 Subaru Forseter 2.0ltr diesel. Guys were really good. Had one problem and it was fixed within 20 minutes of me letting them know. Would recommend them. Thank you


Complete Clutch Service, Our Process

Clutch Inspection and Diagnosis

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the clutch system to identify issues.
  • Test clutch operation to evaluate engagement and disengagement efficiency.
  • Inspect related components like the clutch pedal, hydraulic system, or cable for wear or damage.

Clutch Adjustment or Minor Upgrade

  • Adjust the clutch pedal clearance to manufacturer specifications for optimal performance.
  • Perform minor upgrades such as replacing worn clutch cables or hydraulic fluid to improve clutch responsiveness.
  • Calibrate the clutch engagement point for smoother driving.

Clutch Replacement and Fitting

  • Remove the old clutch assembly, including the clutch plate, pressure plate, and bearing.
  • If requested or necessary, order and install a specific brand or type of new clutch as per the customer’s or our recommendation.
  • Fit clutch, ensuring they meet vehicle specifications and performance standards.
  • Test the vehicle post-replacement to ensure the clutch operates smoothly and meets safety and performance criteria.

Clutch – FAQ

How do I know when it's time for a clutch replacement in my vehicle?

Signs that indicate the need for a clutch replacement include a slipping clutch when accelerating, difficulty shifting gears, a sticking or vibrating clutch pedal, and unusual noises when pressing the clutch. If you experience any of these, it’s likely time for a replacement.

Absolutely. Our service accommodates preferences for specific brands for clutch replacements. We can order the brand you trust or recommend the best option for your vehicle’s make and model, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

Yes, in some cases, a clutch can be repaired without a full replacement. This could involve adjusting the clutch cable, replacing the clutch fluid in hydraulic systems, or repairing the clutch master cylinder. We evaluate each situation to recommend the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Professional clutch fitting ensures that the clutch is installed correctly and operates smoothly, adhering to the vehicle’s specifications. It minimises the risk of damage to other components, guarantees safety, and often comes with a service warranty, unlike DIY attempts that lack these assurances.

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Prevent costly and time-consuming repairs, get your clutch looked at today