Top condition brakes are the only condition your vehicles braking system should be in. Once your vehicle leaves our workshop, they’ll feel and work like new.


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Have your brakes assessed or repaired during your car or tyre service. Minimising downtime and giving your peace of mind knowing your brakes are up to the task.

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Enjoy a braking system like new again or upgrade to a even better one. Replacing or upgrading your braking system will give you supior performance and safety.

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Wanted to drop off my car the night before, they were just closing up and happily took my key and details. They showed me the old rotors and pads what had happened to my brakes and did the whole lot very quickly. Very decent price.


Complete Brake Service, Our Process

Brake Inspection and Diagnosis

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the brake system, including pads, discs, callipers, and lines.
  • Perform a brake fluid check and assess fluid quality.
  • Test brake functionality to identify any performance issues or irregularities.

Brake Repairs

  • Replace worn brake pads and discs as needed.
  • Repair or replace damaged brake callipers and hardware.
  • Flush and replace brake fluid to ensure proper hydraulic function.
  • Adjust braking mechanisms to manufacturer specifications for optimal performance.

Brake Replacement and Upgrades

  • Offer a selection of standard and high-performance brake systems for replacement or upgrade.
  • Install new brake pads, discs, and callipers, choosing from a variety of quality brands.
  • Upgrade brake lines to stainless steel for improved durability and responsiveness.
  • Calibrate the entire brake system to ensure it meets safety standards and enhances vehicle performance.

Brakes – FAQ

What are the signs that I need immediate brake replacement?

Signs you need immediate brake replacement include a high-pitched squealing noise when braking, a longer stopping distance, the brake pedal feeling spongy or pressing down further than usual, and the vehicle pulling to one side when braking. If you experience any of these, it’s crucial to consult a brake mechanic promptly.

A standard brake service typically takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete. However, the duration can vary depending on the condition of your brakes and whether additional repairs, such as brake replacement or more extensive work, are necessary.

Yes, you can request specific brands for your brake pad replacement. We’re flexible and can accommodate your preference for certain brands, ensuring you receive the quality and performance you expect from your car brakes.

Regular maintenance to extend the life of your car brakes includes ensuring your brake fluid is clean and at the correct level, avoiding hard stops when possible, getting your brakes checked regularly during routine service, and ensuring your brake pads and other components are in good condition. Proper driving habits and regular inspections by a qualified brake mechanic can significantly contribute to the longevity of your brake system.

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Stay safe on the road,
avoid the risk of an at-fault accident with top quality brakes